Interesting Facts, Importance of SEO for Your Business

As you listen to case studies and facts on the ground, you’ll discover the keys to implementing the best SEO. Plus, SEO is constantly changing. So, it is necessary to take inspiration from the research that has just been published in recent years to keep SEO techniques up to date.

More than 85,000 searches happen on Google every second

According to Internet Live Stats, 88,099 or more searches per second occur on Google. This research may not provide exact figures, especially since Google never published this information. However, that number is already a good estimate. By the time you read this sentence, there may already be a million searches in progress. This fact makes us understand more about the reach of SEO and why this tool is so important.

About 90.88% of the total pages on Google are “invisible”

In 2018, Ahrefs conducted a study of more than 1 billion web pages to see how many pages were “invisible” in search engines. As a result, there are 90.88 percent of pages that do not get organic traffic!

Do you want to be included in it? Surely the answer is “no”, right? However, if you don’t want to use SEO that gets backlinks from the most unique websites, you could end up at this 90.88 percent figure.

Competitors have stolen your business with SEO

Are you an entrepreneur on the internet or a local entrepreneur? Without having the best keywords in your field on Google, it’s guaranteed that others will. If you rely solely on social media advertising or trying to get distribution from Twitter, your competition will definitely outpace you.

According to research from BrightEdge, as much as 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search. Then, only 10 percent is obtained from paid search, 5 percent from social networks, and 34 percent from other sources.

So, from the research, you can see the conclusion, right? In accordance with the! SEO is 10 times more effective than social media. Engine optimization seeks to profit 51 percent of traffic and generate 40 percent of revenue.

SEO increases traffic for localized websites

A study published by Latitude Group discusses the performance of SEO in increasing traffic for Arabic-language hospitality websites. The SEO strategy implemented is in the form of CMS changes, technical audits to optimize unbranded keywords, combining content with social media, and creating fresh content that is shared on social networks.

As a result, 218 percent of Arabs visit annually, 45 percent of organic source bookings, and 70 percent of 10 Landing pages by the end of the year. This also means that it is very important to content on a regular basis.

Grow from zero to 121,883 unique visitors in less than 6 months with SEO

Prior to implementing SEO, Swedish fintech company Northmill only had a total of 127 informational content reviews including tax returns. The content they want their audience to see is hidden and people who see it are not interested.

After conducting research revealing untapped keywords, Northmill optimizes the content to match the terms they expect to be searched for. As a result, Northmill’s ranking jumped significantly!

Organic traffic increased 11.065% in 6 months with SEO

This case study is published by Robbie Richards. He explains how to help UAV Trainer reach first place on Google, beating big names like Mashable. In addition, Robbie also discussed the issue of increasing organic traffic by 11.065 percent in a period of 6 months using the SEO methodology.

With strategic keyword research and competitor analysis, he reaps SEO success. The UAV trainer gained 2,335 subscribers, 152,732 organic page views after the first 6 months, and 21.4 percent of the total website traffic.

SEO success case studies and interesting facts on the ground are a powerful way to learn SEO in practice. Info demonstrates knowledge through real-world results and examples. This is what makes facts and research such a rich source of knowledge.

Remember! Make sure you do a study to understand your target audience. Moreover, it is necessary to create high-quality content and promote it with the help of backlinks. Then, try to consult with a trusted digital marketing agency and SEO service.