Laptop Maintenance Tips

Taking care of laptop health is absolutely done by the laptop users themselves.

This is because you as a user who uses a laptop every day to complete daily tasks.

Laptops certainly have a lifetime which is also related to your habits in using and caring for this device.
Don’t let your bad habits when using a laptop make it break even faster.

This is tantamount to shortening the life of the laptop which will also have an impact on your performance and finances.

Luckily, this time can present 6 tips for caring for a laptop so it doesn’t get damaged quickly for you.

Keep the Laptop away from Liquids

The laptop that you use everyday is one of the electronic objects that, like most electronic objects, cannot be exposed to water.

If an electronic device is exposed to water, one of the biggest possibilities is a short circuit … Read more

3 Ways to Reduce Revenue Leakage

Revenue recognition is a fundamental principle of accounting that defines the conditions under which revenue should be accounted for. Typically, revenue is recognized when a customer pays for a product or service. However, it can become more complicated if licenses or comprehensive consulting services are involved. Revenue recognition software, like RightRev’s, is an excellent way to automate this process. It removes the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets and reduces the chance of errors.

Reduces revenue leakage

While there are no perfect solutions, you can find ways to combat revenue leakage. Using better software and technology is an excellent way to minimize insufficient data and improve revenue reporting. These steps can increase your bottom line by as much as 5%. Here are three ways to reduce revenue leakage:

Revenue leakage is unaccounted for loss of revenue. This can happen because of inefficiencies in processes or when revenue-producing initiatives fail. Even … Read more

What Is Time Series Forecasting, And How Does It Work?

There are several approaches to time series forecasting. The method known as Prophet combines domain knowledge with external data. The algorithm is flexible, allowing it to adapt to the size and capacity of a market. The time series can be customized to include holidays and other game-changing updates.


Time series forecasting is a technique for predicting the future value of a series of data. For example, if a company records the traffic on its website every hour, it can try to predict the traffic during the next hour. This would be done by using a time series model.

This technique can be used to forecast several different things, including the birth rate in hospitals throughout a city, the number of passengers at a train station, the unemployment rate in a state, the number of rabbits in a breeding season, and the average price of gasoline in a city. … Read more

Virtual Reception Advantages

The leading virtual reception services offer phone and chat support for customers. While most businesses have an answering machine, these options are not personalized. Virtual receptionists provide customized service, unlike answering machines, chatbots, or IVR systems. These technologies have proven ineffective, irrelevant, and frustrating for customers. A virtual human receptionist can answer questions, answer multiple calls, and provide excellent customer service.

Auto attendant benefits of a virtual receptionist

An auto attendant is a phone system that intelligently routes incoming calls and presents an intuitive menu to the caller. It can be customized to match the needs of a small business, answering common customer questions and guiding callers to the appropriate department. An auto attendant also makes updating the direct easy. Regardless of the type of business, auto attendants can reduce the amount of time you spend answering the phone.

An auto attendant can also incorporate a dial-by-name directory. This feature … Read more

The Benefits and Disadvantages of a VPN Service

A VPN service provides several benefits to internet users. It protects users from geolocation blocks, prevents data throttling, and protects their privacy. This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of a VPN service. The VPN shields users from geolocation and purchasing discrimination and helps them bypass geolocation blocks. 

Disadvantages of a VPN service

Although many companies have embraced the benefits of a  VPN, there are some disadvantages to implementing these services. Several problems are associated with implementation, bad habits, and potential risks. Performance, scalability, and protection from advanced cyberattacks are the biggest concerns. VPNs encrypt user data and must travel the same route to their server. The longer the distance, the slower the internet speed.

Some content providers block websites from world regions for security and legal reasons. Because your IP address is tied to your location, you won’t be able to access content from the other areas. … Read more