Technology Turns Out Can Damage Relationships with Couples

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The sign of a healthy relationship is that there isn’t much publicity on social media. Although it sounds simple, there is a deep meaning in the phrase.

This is because the current technology greatly affects one’s relationship. No doubt, technological sophistication has made life more comfortable and you are more focused on cyberspace.

No wonder, if many couples separate because they feel less cared for their partners. Here are six ways technology triggers cracks in a relationship as reported by boldsky.

1. Trigger misunderstanding

When you send a message via your mobile phone, only words are sent. Often your intention is not in accordance with what was sent so that it can trigger misunderstanding.

Everyone has a different way of reading a message, and as a result, your intentions become unsaid. That’s one way technology can interfere with your relationship.

2. Virtual world

Spending too much time in the virtual world can make you not focus on reality. Especially if you ignore your partner, for the sake of other relationships that are fostered virtually in cyberspace.

3. Time with a partner is reduced

The presence of a smart phone, television, laptop or tablet can create distance for many couples. There is no more time to foster togetherness because it is used up to pay attention to the device.

Two people together and both are busy looking at the device is a sight that is often encountered today. Lack of time with your partner can certainly disturb the harmony of the relationship.

4. Live like a stranger

When two people live together and spend more time with gadgets, they become strangers to each other. All like having their own world.

Your online friends can drain more attention than your own family and spouse.

5. Triggering a fight

Sending messages can be one of the most common ways to communicate today. But unfortunately, communication misunderstandings often occur and trigger quarrels.

Arguing like this can make the relationship feel bland and make you tenuous with your partner.

6. Loss of feeling

Talking with someone, holding hands, looking at each other, giving hugs, joking and sharing experiences are the best ways to express love and affection. But all that becomes difficult to realize if you communicate more with the device.

There are no feelings and emotions that your partner can feel. So use technology wisely before it damages your relationship.