Laptop Maintenance Tips

Taking care of laptop health is absolutely done by the laptop users themselves.

This is because you as a user who uses a laptop every day to complete daily tasks.

Laptops certainly have a lifetime which is also related to your habits in using and caring for this device.
Don’t let your bad habits when using a laptop make it break even faster.

This is tantamount to shortening the life of the laptop which will also have an impact on your performance and finances.

Luckily, this time can present 6 tips for caring for a laptop so it doesn’t get damaged quickly for you.

Keep the Laptop away from Liquids

The laptop that you use everyday is one of the electronic objects that, like most electronic objects, cannot be exposed to water.

If an electronic device is exposed to water, one of the biggest possibilities is a short circuit or commonly known as a short circuit.

Don’t put the laptop on the bed

Cases like this are usually found in users who like to use their laptops to watch their favorite drama series or movies.

In fact, if you put your laptop on the bed, bad things will soon happen to your laptop, the worst possibility is overheating.

This is because your laptop’s airflow path will be blocked by the surface of the mattress so that the air circulation in the laptop is not smooth.

The air that should be released out instead goes back in and makes the components inside the laptop hot

Instead, use and place the laptop in a place with a flat surface so that your laptop’s air circulation can run well.

Avoid the Habit of Running Out of Battery

Users who are too focused and excited when using a laptop are usually not aware of the battery capacity they are using.

Unknowingly the laptop that was being used suddenly died because it ran out of battery power.

This habit is certainly not good for the system on your laptop because it indirectly means your laptop is forcibly stopped.

This is also certainly not good for the health of the laptop battery which will ultimately be related to the life of your laptop battery.

When using a laptop, stay focused but don’t forget to pay attention to the condition of the battery capacity so that your laptop remains durable, especially in terms of supporting battery power.

Turn off the laptop according to the procedure

Whether it’s because they’re in a hurry or something else, users usually just turn off the laptop via the power button.

This habit is not recommended because it is tantamount to forcibly stopping the laptop.

Even though there are procedures and provisions when turning off the laptop in accordance with good and correct procedures.

After that, you can run the shutdown menu to turn off the laptop according to the correct procedure.

Don’t let the laptop shut down for too long

A laptop that has been dead for too long because it has not been used can certainly become a nest of dust and dirt.

This is certainly not good for the components in your laptop, for example, such as RAM which has pins for data communication.

If the pin is covered with dust, it is not impossible that your laptop will have problems such as not wanting to enter the operating system.

Another example is that the dust that accumulates in the heat dissipation circulation of the processor can result in airflow flowing back into the laptop.

This actually makes the components in your laptop hot and in the end your laptop overheats.

Avoid pressing the laptop

Pressing a laptop with a heavy object is certainly dangerous and can be bad for your laptop.

If you still do that often, it’s most likely that your laptop screen will have problems.

A thin laptop screen is certainly not able to hold heavy objects that you usually put on a laptop.