Why 5G is useful?

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One of the major things that make the world interesting is the fact that new improvements are being achieved daily, and virtually everything can be improved upon. Things that people thought impossible have been invented and even improved to higher levels that would have been unimaginable to many people.

One of the major progresses that the world has made is the invention of the Internet. Since its invention and within a short time, the Internet has become a sensation that many people cannot do without today. People have achieved various things on the Internet and many people became multibillionaires that might not have achieved the status without the Internet. The Internet has since developed from the days of 2G Internet speed to 5G currently being deployed around the world. This article will discuss some of the reasons why 5G is useful.

Faster access to the Internet

One of the major reasons why 5G is useful is that it provides users with faster access to the Internet. Not too long ago, downloading a file of as little as 20 MB took a minimum of 30 minutes. Even more frustrating is the fact that you could spend as much as 3 days trying to download the 20 MB file. This is because the file could download to a certain percentage and then stop downloading. In some cases, it could get as high as 99 per cent and 30 minutes later. Fortunately, with 3G, the situation improved significantly and it was even possible to download a 20 MB file in as little as 10 seconds. With 4G network, it became possible to download a 20 MB file in as little as less than 5 seconds. The 5G network promises to reduce the time even more. With higher resolution movies of 4K that might require a play speed of as much as 5 MB per second to have a smooth watch, the 5G promises to make that possible. Hence, the faster access to the Internet means you get information faster, you can watch 4K movies on your smart TV without issues, and you can download games of several GB within minutes among others. If you want to take advantage of this, you should read reviews about mobile phones as well as mobile phones direct reviews to know which phones have 5G and where to buy them.

Internet of Things

Another Technology that the 5G network is expected to power and improve is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is expected to help us turn our home into a smartphone such that every device can communicate with each other or at the very least, communicate with a central point which might be an app on our phone and/or on our computer. This will also require speed so that you can quickly react to information without problems. The 5G is expected to lead to the smooth and full functioning of the Internet of Things.

A new milestone on which further developments can be made

Each development in the world provides a platform for further development. For instance, after the invention of the first television in black and white, coloured television soon followed (though with very poor quality at first), but the quality has since improved and continued to improve to become clearer. With each clearer and clearer resolution achieve, efforts are immediately started to improve further. The same applies to the generation of networks. With the advent of 5G, 6G that would be better is expected to soon be available, and then a 7G that will be built on top of the 7G and so on. Without the 5G, there will be no 6G or 7G. Hence, the availability of 5G is another milestone that will be a foundation to further milestones that will be necessary for better Internet connections across the world.