Will the price of graphic cards drop?

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You have probably been shocked at how much it costs to get a good graphic card in recent times. This is asides from the fact that they are not particularly easy to find at the moment. The question on everyone’s lips has therefore been that, “when will these prices drop?” 

On the contrary, US-Reviews shows that interest in gaming has however skyrocketed. So this results in a struggle for people, how to balance out the interest in gaming, which is the heat of gaming, with the cost price of graphic cards. 

There has been a resultant competition for the supply of graphics cards among players. Gamers have crashed out of websites and computer game stores in the quest for seeking a suitable card at affordable prices. 

The reasons for this high increase in the prices of graphics cards are; 

The quest for better quality

Good quality comes at a resultant high price; this is the same with graphic cards. Companies that produce graphic cards all try to outdo themselves in the quality of the product they bring out. As a result, they do not mind spending more money on getting the kind of quality they require. This will also lead to a subsequent rise in the cost for buyers of the card. 

The rise in economic inflation

Generally, there has been a spike in the rate of inflation worldwide. Things have become costlier and production costs have also been on the rise as a result. Materials needed for graphic card production are not excluded from this fact. Manufacturing materials are higher as a result of inflation, cost of production is also higher, therefore the market price of the graphics card is also more expensive. Dedicated graphics cards are even more expensive than the other type as a result of their specific use for gaming. 

Will things get better?

Things do not look like they will get better anytime soon as the demand for graphics cards keeps getting higher as days go by. More people are getting interested in gaming and streaming numbers have gone higher. The two major companies producing graphics cards, Nvidia and AMD have not found it easy to keep up with the demand for the product. 

According to Nvidia’s chief financial officer, “Gaming demand is off the charts. Our overall capacity has not been able to keep up and supply will likely remain lean throughout Q1″

The company boss for AMD also has a similar story to tell as she said, “ shortages are a result of demand rather than manufacturing issues. It will take time to catch up as there will be tightness in the first half of the year.”

It should also be noted that resellers who make use of automated bots hoard the cards, leading to a spike in the price of the cards. Hence, it does not seem like the prices of graphics cards will become less expensive any time soon.