Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social media marketing can have a significant positive impact on your brand, boosting its visibility and credibility. However, it is no easy task to succeed in it as there are numerous social media marketing mistakes that you can fall into while trying to spread the word, even if you are an experienced marketer. 

This article discusses 6 common social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid in your social media marketing campaigns. If you’re not careful, they can undermine your efforts to improve your brand’s visibility.

1. Lack of content creation and publishing strategy

One of the worst social media marketing mistakes you should avoid is not having a strategy for the content that you create for your social media platforms. When you don’t have a clear strategy, you won’t know what type of content to create, when to post it, and who to target with it. 

For example, you can plan to post a photo slideshow every Monday on your Facebook account. You can create and post a micro video with information about your brand’s story and highlights of the products and services you provide on Fridays.

2. Spamming your followers

Spamming your followers is one of the worst social media marketing mistakes you should avoid making. While it can help you gain a quick following, it is a very unprofessional and unethical practice that draws negative attention and damages your brand’s image. Avoid posting multiple updates on the same topic in a very short space of time, as this can look like you’re spamming your followers. 

3. Posting unoriginal content

Another social media marketing mistake to avoid is posting unoriginal content. This can damage your brand’s image, as it looks like you’re trying too hard to build your following. Instead, focus on creating engaging posts that are true to your brand’s story and align with your target audience. 

4. Not being consistent with your postings

Another social media marketing mistake is not posting consistently. You can easily lose followers if they don’t see you posting regularly on social media channels. Losing followers means losing many potential customers. Remember, social media is an avenue to engage with your customers, and you can’t do that if they don’t see your posts.

5. Ignoring your followers

If your social media posts rarely attract replies or comments, it sends a very negative message to your followers. It means that your followers aren’t engaged with your posts, which is a very bad sign. You can improve engagement by replying to your audience’s comments and encouraging your followers to share their feedback about your brand.

6. Being inactive

You don’t need to post on social media all the time. However, being totally inactive is a grave social media marketing mistake that can cost you fortunes. Try to alternate your posts to make them appear frequently. Remember, social media channels are crowded, and you should have a strong brand narrative to help you differentiate from other brands.


Social media is a perfect platform to drive traffic to your website and boost brand visibility. To have a successful campaign, you need to ensure that you aren’t making the above social media marketing mistakes.