6 Important Home Uses of Used Engine Oil

Engine oil is a lubricant used in internal combustion engines. If you own a car, you know you must change it regularly to ensure that the engine runs properly and efficiently. When you change it, you will have your used engine oil at your disposal. But what can you do with it?

Most people don’t know what to do with used engine oil after they change it. They leave it behind at the auto shop without a second thought. If that is you, don’t do that anymore. It can actually be quite useful around your home! Here are 6 ways you can put it to good use:

1. Use it as a fire starter

Used engine oil makes a great fire starter. It’s flammable and has a relatively low flash point, making it perfect for campfires and wood stoves. All you need is a can of used oil, wood, and a lighter. Pour a small amount of used oil on the wood and light it up. The oil will burn for a long time, giving you plenty of time to start a fire.

2. Used Engine oil can be a good Insecticide/pest repellent

We can use used oil as an insecticide and pest repellent. Spraying it around your garden and outdoor areas can help repel mosquitoes, ants, and other insects. The smell of the oil is enough to keep them away. You can also use it to repel mice, rats, and other rodents away from your home.

3. Used engine oil can be used as a hydraulic fluid

Instead of buying new hydraulic fluid for your simple hydraulic equipment like jacks, you can just use used oil instead. It is an effective and much cheaper option than buying new hydraulic fluid.

4. Use used engine oil as a dust suppressant

Used oil can be used as a dust suppressant. It is very effective in controlling dust on roads, construction sites, and other places where dust is a problem. The oil will help bind the dust particles to the ground, preventing them from becoming airborne.

5. Used engine oil helps clean and protect tools from rust and corrosion 

Used oil can help loosen up dirt and grime on the tool surfaces, making them much easier to scrub off with a rag. When applied to tools, it will help protect them from rust and corrosion by forming a protective layer on the metal surface. 

6. Use used engine oil as a lubricant

If your door hinges are squeaky, try lubricating them with used oil. It acts as a lubricant for moving parts such as nuts and bolts, hinges, etc. You can also use it to lubricate tools such as drill bits and saw blades.

Used oil can also come in handy when you need to lubricate your mountain bike chain and gears.


The above uses of used engine oil are just a few ways to prove that it is not just useless waste. With a little of creativity, you can find many other ways to put it to good use around your home. It can be a great way to save money and help the environment. So the next time you change your engine oil, don’t throw it away. Put it to good use!