Apple Car: What We Know

Apple Car is one of the few tech projects that has been kept as closely monitored secret as possible by the company. Details of the car are very scarce at the moment and we can only speculate.

Concrete Details

We are moving to 2023, but Apple’s tentatively named car project has been the subject of so many rumours.

The normal trade deals, industry partnerships and vehicle specs have been ongoing since the company said it would go that route a few years ago.

However, we are sure about the semi-autonomous project that Apple is working on because the company mentioned it. It is code-named Project Titan.

Apple Car Release Date

At the moment, no one knows because they have not given out any further instructions. Apple has not contracted any know manufacturer to partner with on this project.

In 2020, analyst Ming-Chi Kui indicated that apple may launch its car in 2028 which is 3 years more than what most insiders predicted (2025).

Apple Car Development

It had been reported in 2018 that Apple would work with German car giant Volkswagen to come up with an autonomous employee shuttle van based on the T6 Transporter commercial vehicle. It was expected that it would lead to the development of the car.

Hyundai was also rumoured to be in talks with Apple but we have seen no progress since then. The former is also involved in the production of electric vehicles.

Apple Car Specs and what to Expect

Even though the production stage has not been forthcoming, features of this project have been concrete because of the continuous development over the years.

We cannot doubt the autonomous nature of the car. In 2019, bought an autonomous vehicle startup This is a huge hint. Moreover, the company hired a Radar Test Engineer. Their primary responsibility was to develop autonomous systems as per the vacancy at that time.

Regulatory filings and patent requests also give out some findings. Some say the Apple Car will come without a pedal or steering wheel.

Another feature that has been spoken of indicates that they will integrate the vehicle with iOS. Additionally, they are working on batteries that will effectively last longer than other electric vehicles.


We can’t be definite with the Apple Car price, but according to Bloomberg’s aforementioned 2022 report, it will be at a sub-$100,000 price point.