4 Myths in the World of Technology that Will Be Eternal

There are many myths that continue to be believed by many people throughout the world. This myth does not only revolve around the legend somewhere, but also spread to the technology sector.

Many people believe, by doing a number of ways can be harmful or beneficial to technological objects that you have. Starting from the use of batteries to smart phones.

It is legitimate to believe that. But technology experts in the field of competence do not agree with that.

The following 4 myths in the world of technology that will never die:

1. Insert the battery into the refrigerator

After hours of playing Pokemon at Gameboy and the batteries are running out but there is no money to buy them back, kids believe putting the batteries in the fridge can recharge.

“My intense game session suddenly stopped when my game weakened. Feeling defeated, I put my battery in the freezer even though it had no effect,” said one child.

Not surprisingly, this never worked. In fact: putting your batteries in the freezer actually shortens their life span. This is caused by the temperature in the battery going down and when you remove it from the freezer, the temperature will rise quickly. Some sources claim that this can make a battery explode, while others call a sudden change in temperature causing condensation that leads to corrosion. In short, do not put your battery in the freezer.

2. Charging the Cellphone overnight can make the battery damaged

How many times have you heard that if you put your phone in a charger overnight, it will damage your battery?

Fortunately, many people are starting to forget this myth. However, for those of you who still believe this is true, it’s a pity.

Smartphones can slow down the charging rate when approaching 100 percent and once there won’t be an overload of power.

3. Sitting Near the Lighted TV Can Warm the Body

“I remember sticking my face to the screen while enjoying my favorite cartoon when I was little,” said a source.

“Every time I do this, my mother will scold me and ask me to leave there as soon as possible,” he added.

However, this is all just a myth. It will not really warm your body.

4. Play Cellphone While Charging Dangerous

This myth continues to spread by word of mouth.

Is this myth based on some truth or just a kind of urban legend that people like to repeat to their friends to make it look interesting to discuss? Obviously this is not true.

After you read this article, take a moment to look for some cellphone videos that have exploded in people’s pockets. It happened.

But charging your phone and using it at the same time does not put you at risk of your mobile exploding.