WhatsApp Chats: How to Backup on Android and iOS

Have you ever stopped to think about what will happen to your most important WhatsApp chats if you either lose or damage your phone? Or if you accidentally delete some of your chats? Well, you also lose everything on WhatsApp including messages, media, and documents. But, there is a solution to this before it’s late—It turns out that backups can be really important

How to backup WhatsApp chats on Android and iOS:

This is a very simple process, and it’s also very important. You can use WhatsApp’s built-in backup features to keep a copy of your chats safe, (but it only works for a short period of time). For more flexibility and control over the process, there are third-party apps available.

And the most convenient of all is Google Drive. Follow these straightforward steps to backup your conversations:

1) Activate a Google account on your device. You can easily install from the Google Play store app.

2) Create enough space on your device to allow WhatsApp backup. You can do this by deleting unnecessary content or files. 

3) Ensure you have access to a stable internet connection.

Next, follow these steps to backup on your Google Drive.

1. On your smartphone, open WhatsApp and select the “Chats” tab. Then, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select Settings from the menu that appears and then tap on “Chats.”

3. Scroll down and select Chat backup.

4. Click on backup to Google Drive.

5. A backup frequency will show up. Select either daily, weekly or monthly.

6. Choose your preferred Google account that you intend to use in the case of several accounts.

That said, you can change your Google account anytime you wish to do so, however, you’ll lose access to all the backups saved in the previous account. 

So, it’s better you stick to one account if you’ll need the chats in future.

7. Select a network you’d wish to use for the backups.

Note: If you choose a cellular data network it might result in additional data charges from your end.

8. Turn on the backup videos button if you’d like to include your videos.

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To ensure that your chats are secure, you can turn on end-to-end encryption to protect your backup. Your messages will also backup to your phones internal memory.

While on WhatsApp, tap on the icon in the top-right corner of the screen then on Settings, next, Chats > Chat backup > End-to-end encrypted backup.

Now, select turn on and create your password or instead use the 64-digit encryption key.

Click on “Create.” to create your end-to-end encrypted backup.

At any given time,  you can restore your chats if you reinstall WhatsApp.

Backup Your WhatsApp Conversations

Backing up your WhatsApp chats is essential because it can help you recover from data loss and monitor your conversations. It’s also a great way to ensure that no one falls victim to a phishing scam, or that all the photos you send won’t disappear in the event of an Android or iOS phone being lost or stolen.

Take advantage of this feature every time you use WhatsApp—it’s not just for when something goes wrong!