TV Buying Tips: How to Get the Best Deal

When shopping for a TV set, don’t just buy any cheap TV, buy the right one. The following are TV buying tips that you should consider while you are out there shopping.

Look for a 4K UHD TV

A TV labelled 4k UHD and one labelled FHD are two different types. A 4K UHD TV has 4 times higher resolution than FHD (full high-definition) one.

It easily displays the full range of picture detail provided by sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and many more that stream in 4K.

Moreover, having a 4K UHD TV means you won’t have an issue in the future. Many streaming services are leaning towards 4K. This is one of the most essential TV buying tips that you should look out for.

Full Array Backlights are great

A LED TV that gives a full-array backlight is a good upgrade over one that does not come with that feature.

Television sets that come with a full array of backlights have a process known as local dimming. This creates a deeper and more detailed-looking black. Cheap LED sets don’t deliver this.

QLED TVs Give You Enhanced Colour

QLED display means that there is a quantum dot layer. This feature improves colour rendition and light output. This gets you quality pictures.

120Hz for your Gaming needs

TVs that have 120Hz are very much compatible with new gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X and S models as well as the PS5. You will have motion graphics that are smoother.

These are just but some of the few important TV buying tips that you should consider when you are in the market looking for one.

HDR is not made equally

All TV’s with 4K can show HDR10 high dynamic range video. However, many cheap versions are not compatible with Dolby Vision HDR.

When you come across a deal that has a 4K UHD TV that has Dolby Vision, then you need to consider it.