Mco-opCash: What is it and How Does It Work?

MCo-opCash is Co-operative Bank’s mobile banking platform that allows you to deposit funds, withdraw, and apply for a mobile loan anytime you wish to do so. Additionally, you can send money to any bank account, transfer to Mpesa, and pay utility bills.

Likewise, you can withdraw money at Co-op Bank ATMs or agents. All these services are available to you by simply dialing *667# on your mobile line. Or, using the Co-op Bank app, which you can download from the Play Store.

How does MCo-opCash work?

To register for MCo-opCash, all you need is a cooperative bank account, your national identification card or passport, and a registered mobile line. Otherwiswe, the registration process is free and instant.

And, to successfully carry out the process, visit your nearest Co-operative Bank branch and fill in the form with your personal details. The customer support team will then help you complete the registration process.

Consequently, you can self-register on or by downloading the app from the Google Play store.

After the registering, you’ll receive your MCo-opCash PIN which you’re free to reset it anytime in case you forget or feel the need to change it.

You will also receive an OTP (one-time password) each time you make a transaction to confirm that you are the one making the transaction. Your phone will pick up the OTP on its own; you don’t need to remember it or write it anywhere. This is one of the security measures implemented by Co-op Bank to protect your accounts and transactions.

What type of loan does MCo-opCash offer?

You’re entitled to two types of loans.

1. MCo-opCash salary loan if you’re a salaried employee. 

2. MCo-opCash business plus loan if you operate or run a business entity.

We will discuss in depth the details of the two loans in our next article.

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Is your money safe if you lose your phone?

Your PIN protects your MCo-op Cash account, keeping your money safe all the time.
If you lose your phone, we advise you to visit your mobile phone service provider and replace your SIM card immediately.

With the new SIM card and the same mobile number in place, you can continue to access your MCo-op cash via *667#. However, if you wish to use the app on a new phone or tablet, you will need to visit your branch or the nearest branch so as to reset your new phone. This is a security measure that Coop Bank has put in place to protect you from any form of fraud.

What do you do if you forget your MCoop Cash PIN?

Simply dial *667# using the Safaricom line you registered with then reply with 1. You will also need to accept the terms and conditions then enter your identification number or the passport number you used during the registration process.
Finally, press 1 to reset your pin and  a 6-digit password will appear in your phone as a text message. 

Again, dial *667# and enter the 6-digit password you received. Immediately change the password by entering a 4 digit number that you’ll remember.

Keep in mind that you cannot reset your PIN through the MCo-opcash app, as the service is only available through *667# at the moment.

How to withdraw cash at the ATM

To withdraw cash at the ATM using MCo-opCash is a straightforward process.

Simply access MCo-opCash via *667# or the MCo-opCash app.

  • Choose “Withdraw Cash.”
  • Tap on “ATM.”
  • Follow the prompts given and you will receive a 6-digit secret code.
  • While on the ATM screen, tap on “MCO-OPCASH WITHDRAWAL.”
  • Type your MCo-opCash mobile number, the amount you wish to withdraw, and the secret code to complete the withdrawal.

Note: Any withdrawal at the ATM  will attract a cost of Kes 30 for any amount up to Kes 40,000. You can withdraw up to a maximum of Kes 200,000 per day.

How to withdraw cash at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent?

All you need to do is log in to your MCo-opCash via *667# or the MCo-opCash app and follow the steps below:

  • Choose “Withdraw Cash.”
  • Follow the prompts and you will receive an SMS with a reference number.

To complete the withdrawal process, hand over your ID or passport to the agent, including the reference number and your MCo-opCash mobile number.

In conclusion, MCo-op Cash is a great way to get your financial journey successfully. You can do more including saving, investing and tracking your expenses as you prepare for the future.