Benefits of Using Proxies

What are proxies? A proxy is a system that allows you to access the internet using a different IP than what the device accepts. What does it mean? So, when someone accesses the internet network, data such as the type of device used, the location to the user’s information can be detected by the server.

This certainly makes you uncomfortable, right? Like afraid your data will leak. This is where the role of the proxy is needed. The function of a proxy is to hide the user’s real identity so that other people or the websites they visit are not known. So, of course it’s safer!

The presence of a proxy like Agora can provide many benefits for you when accessing the internet. Maybe there are still many who realize that the ease when surfing in cyberspace is thanks to the help of a proxy. Here are the benefits!

Keeping Data Confidential

Not everyone wants their personal data to be known when accessing the internet. Therefore, the function of a proxy is to maintain the privacy of internet user data, so that the proxy will automatically change the IP address and will not be detected by the sites you visit.

Ease of Accessing Certain Sites

There are some sites on the internet that cannot be accessed via regular networks, such as sites that contain sensitive content.

Having a proxy will make it easier for you to access certain sites easily, especially if the site is outside the range of your residence (for example, you are currently in Indonesia and want to access sites from Germany) then you don’t have to go all the way to Germany. to access the site.

Controlling Internet Access

Proxies can also be used as a medium for controlling certain sites so that they cannot be accessed. For example, computers in schools limit internet access features so that students focus more on computer learning than accessing the internet (such as opening social media).

If applied to families, of course parents want their children to access useful information and reduce negative content, right? Well, the use of a proxy is as a control medium when children search for certain content, then the system will automatically reject and not display the content they are looking for.

Speed ​​up Internet Access

One of the benefits of having a proxy is to speed up internet access. This is because the proxy is able to store cache, which is a temporary storage medium when you have visited a site, so when you want to visit a similar site for the second time, the system will quickly direct you to that site.

How Proxies Work

How a proxy works is quite easy and not as complicated as imagined. To give you an idea, let’s say the proxy wants to find the full address of the house you currently live in. Well, the home address on the internet is the IP address.

When you want to visit a site, you usually go to a search engine and type in the IP address to get the content you need. This is where the role of the proxy server will make a request to the main server and get a response whether the site can be displayed in your browser.

The role of the proxy here is to be able to make changes to encrypt your IP address, so that the sites you visit are restricted by the proxy not to access the IP address. Of course, this provides an advantage for those of you who do not want to know their privacy when accessing a site.