Robots: The Dangers of Trusting Robots

Evidence gathered so far shows that we are likely to tell robots and machines our darkest and deepest secrets. So what are the dangers of trusting robots?

The Rise of Robots

Once you have lived with any form of robot in your home, it is essential to manage your expectations. We still have a long way to go before we could finally be safe around them.

We should not fall for what we see in movies about robots. Robots don’t act autonomous because human operators remotely control their operations.

Know who you are talking to

Some customers may feel comfortable with non-sentient devices until they reveal personal information that wouldn’t see the light of day.

There are so many cases around and some people may think that they are speaking to bots while in the real sense it’s humans who feed them the information.

Therefore, as robots continue to be connected to the internet, and can respond to different languages, you need to be vigilant. Know who or what you are sharing your information with to avoid being surprised.

A robot that Records our Activities

It is important to understand how our information is stored and shared with robots that record everything about us. Some recording devices are for entertainment but can be manipulated for wicked purposes.

For example, Nixie, a wearable camera that can take off from your wrist and take aerial shots around you. It’s easy to identify how such a device can be manipulated.

There are people who are very cautious around recording devices but once they get comfortable around some other robots, they drop their guard.

There is a lot of technology around us that records and processes speech, images and movement, records conversations and so much more. This poses a lot of danger to our security because anyone can have access to that information.