EazzyBiz: How to Register and Use the Platform

EazzyBiz is a cloud-based business management suite operated by Equity Bank Kenya that empowers your business to run more efficiently. It allows you to connect with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and employees in real time, so you can keep track of payments and activities.

Furthermore, you can use EazzyBiz to set up automated payments, invoices, and credit card authorization processes.

How to Join EazzyBiz

To join EazzyBiz, you need to have a business account with Equity Bank. Thereafter, the registration process is easy, simple, and fast.

Step 1: Go to the Equity Group website and click on the “Join EazzyBiz” button at the top of the page.

Step 2: Fill out your personal details, including your official name and contact details.

Step 3: Now start creating your business profile by adding information about your business and its location.

Step 4: You can also add services and products you offer.

Step 5: You are now ready to start using the  platform by promoting your business.

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How Does it work?

The platform acts as an extension of the accounting system you already have in place at your business so that all transactions are processed through the same platform, saving hours each month on manual data entry. By doing so, you’ve a competitive advantage because you can easily connect with and access a large number of potential customers anywhere in the world.

What are the unique features of EazzyBiz 

EasyBiz’s dashboard offers you an array of features for an excellent user experience with a central account.

Pay Bills

The bill payment feature allows you to make payments, including salaries and monthly statutory payments such as K.R.A. and NSSF. Likewise, you can manage your cash flow by generating monthly reports.

Make Bulk Payments

Fast and easy processing of multiple payments to your employees, customers, or suppliers. With this feature, you can process payroll to equity account holders, any bank account, and online or mobile wallets in bulk or batch payments.

Collections and Receivables

The feature gives you an advantage to keep track of overdue invoices and other outstanding bills, like multiple direct debit instructions.

Fund Transfers

Here, you control and make internal transfers, employee benefits, gift cards, and more with ease. You also have the opportunity to make mobile money transfers, local interbank transfers via EFT/RTGS, and international transfers via SWIFT, as well as standing recurring transactions.

Liquidity Management

Manage cash flow by setting up recurring deposits or borrowing against your account balance.
This feature also makes it easy to automate sweep transfers and pool funds.

Account Services

One more beautiful perk is the opportunity to access global information about your accounts, like statements, statement emails, etc. This means you can check the status of any transaction instantly from anywhere on the EazzyBiz system or mobile app.

Information Reporting

Apart from account service, you can easily generate reports for taxes or file an annual report in minutes instead of hours.

Bonus: Get 100% waiver on your yearly fee when you register.


Consequently, the cloud-based system is a fully compliant software solution to help you keep your business compliant with the GDPR.

  • Data security: secure data from unauthorized access and ensure that it cannot be accessed from outside of your network.
  • Data privacy: protect your employees from unnecessary monitoring by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the information they need.

EazzyBiz is a great platform to run and grow your business in real-time. The excellent set of features and a user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to sign up and start rolling on the system.